Yelp Reviews 

As an avid Yelp user, I find it most helpful in locating the newest and trendiest restaurants, as well as other needs. It is also a great platform for business owners like myself, to reach thousands of people in search for great chefs and caterers all over the world. 

That said, Yelp does not have the best filter in place to protect business owners from people who intend to slander, disrespect, or engage in untruthful or fabricated reviews. 

While we respect freedom of speech, we all have a responsibility when leaving reviews. I understand that finding that balance is somewhat complicated, and will require both yelp users and business owners to practice the art effective communication and accuracy.  However, the importance of reviewing with honesty and integrity can help shape the success of any growing business represented on yelp. 

Our 1 star Reviews: 

Pamela's Kitchen Table currently has two 1 star reviews (representing the same event) listed under our yelp page, that we have asked to have removed. To no avail, yelp has declined our request. 

While Yelp does provide a platform for business owners to respond to reviews, we chose not to engage. Our reasons for doing so should be clear upon reading the reviews, however... we didn't feel like it would improve on the situation, but instead escalate it even further. 

Our response is simply this: 

While we respect a persons rights to "freedom of speech" it is important to lead with truth. The facts or lack there of presented in these reviews that belong to 1 single event, are both animated and over exaggerated. Not to mention, extremely hurtful. 

While we acknowledge that during this event, we were late in delivering there requested order... they did in fact receive what they ordered, on top of additional food for more than the originally quoted and agreed upon number of people. 

In addition to the extras in which they received, they also received a full refund, while we gladly incurred additional cost for additional food.

In the review, they mentioned Paypal as an issue as well. Please see attached. Not only were they refunded, but a dispute was filed, indicating that we had not issued a refund. However, the attached photo, will dispel that accusation..

Please know 

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