Food & Culture

Pamela's Kitchen Table is excited to share it's brand new concept, and we can't wait for you to experience every single second.


This is what we've been waiting to share with you, and it's finally time! 

Starting this August, Pamela's Kitchen Table will begin a whole a new Foodie Experience for guest to enjoy! 

This experience will consist of one beautiful communal table.  Eight to Twenty  friends will enjoy the ULTIMATE food and beverage menu, all while Chef Pamela takes you on a  journey through her history of Southern, Cajun, Creole, French, and African Cuisine.

You will enjoy a six to ten course menu, using the best and freshest ingredients from local farmers, butchers, and fisherman.


We are working with an all star team of mixologist and wine sommeliers to create the best drink menu to accompany our multi-cultural inspired menus! 



Find 8 to 20 friends

In order for you to enjoy this experience, we only accept reservations for parties 8 to 20 people per seating. You must have a final number before booking. 


Select your day & time

Chef Pamela Loreal, will expertly guide you through each course of our Food and Culture dinners.  Dinners are held Thursday- Sunday.

We will have 1 seating on Thursday and Friday, with 2 separate seatings on Saturday and Sunday.  You may select your time and date when booking. 


Select your Menu

We have several  menu options posted for

you to choose from. Our menus serve 6 to 10 courses. 

 You are welcome to contact us directly to modify items for vegetarian or vegan guest. Bring your appetites...


Who doesn't wanna go home every now and then for a home cooked meal?